Week 10

Overall this semester I learn a lot new things about computers. I learned that not all tools are the internet are useless, some even can be use for the professional work place like Digg, Prezi, and Evernote. My view on social media has changed since I started taking this course, before I thought that social networks can’t be use professionally, but I learned that I can use Twitter and Facebook professionally and show them to employers to prove that I am a responsible adult. I also believe that college is more of a life-training than job training. College prepares everyone for the real world and how life is like for an adult. College also teaches us not to rely on parents, thinking on our own, and being responsible. In college you also learn about ethics which is an important thing to know before you enter the work force. Overall college not only prepares us for the work force but also for life. Below is a link of my Prezi describing what I learned though out the course.



Week 8

Memes have been very popular in the last couple of years on the internet. Some memes have even gone viral and display funny quotes which people enjoy. What people don’t know is that you can use memes to display a message. You can use meme to reach a point across something you feel strong about such as education, economy or even politics. You can even use memes to display a story!

Below are examples of memes that I have created.


Week 7

New tools are being created daily to help make our lives easier on the internet. A cool tool that I discover was Evernote. I think that Evernote is great new way to take notes during class. Not only I can take notes on my computer with this, I can also record lectures while I’m typing to. This make it easier to study for any class in college. Using paper and pencil to write notes are a thing in the past.

Google Sites is great website to display your business on the web. There are various templates that Google Sites has to help you get started. I’m creating a Google Site for my own pharmacy store in the future. My website will provide many features so people will learn more about by business and how they can order some medications through the internet.

Below are the links to my two sites.

Google Sites https://sites.google.com/a/udel.edu/first-state-pharmacy/home

Cool Tool Project: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#b=f6a97e47-b6e8-43b9-a4ff-93d10e2e0ee1&st=p&n=17df6a98-4f84-4336-a4ca-2bb96a6a2409

Week 6

Google docs is great way to start a resume. Before Google docs I only made resume’s on Word. Google Docs is way better, because you have the ability to share your resume with the university and to various companies. Google docs is more efficient way to prepare a resume. Google docs a great way to show your employers that you are separating yourself from the norm. By finding out this program it will help give you a better advantage when you are applying for a job. Having a resume that stands out from the rest, is a good way to make an employer want to hire you.


Week 5

Copywriting is essential for the cyber world. It is important for a person to receive credit for the hard they did. The copywriting is law in my opinion is fair. It sets guideline rules in order to give credit to the creditor of the thing. There is a lot of plagiarism in this world so copywriting is very important. Without copywriting almost everything in the world would be plagiarize. Also I think “remixing” is the same thing as plagiarize only if you don’t give credit to the original creditor. For an example during the summer there was a hit song made by Robin Thicke called “Blurred Lines”. What fans of him don’t realize that his lyrics is the same as Marvin Gaye’s hit song “Got to Give it Up”. Robin Thicke was sued by Marvin Gaye’s family for copywriting rights. This example conveys how copywriting is important, and the rules are fair.

Week 4

Becoming a pharmacist is still a dream of mine that I plan to accomplish. AstraZeneca is major pharmaceutical company in the USA and around the world. The company president and vice president have a public twitter account. Their twitter account is very professional, they mostly talk about new research that the company is doing and what types of medication testing they are doing. By AstraZeneca being on twitter I have the ability to know more about this successful company. By the companies president and vice president being a social network, shows that anyone can use a social network to help out their company succeed. I personally was so impressed by their twitter accounts I will follow them to know more information about the pharmaceutical field. Also Symbaloo is a great website that imbeds all your social networks and apps in one website. It’s great way to use all your social networks and apps in one place!

Week 3

Digg reader and Feedly are two great internet sites to search for feeds. Theses two sites are also connected to RSS which gets people the ability to give you feed back on your post. Digg reader and Feedly also give you the ability to look at others people’s feeds and comment on their post. Another great thing about the site is the ability to add content for your follows to read. Hoot Suite is another aggreatation that you can use to see all your social networks at once. This website helps you be able to see your wordpress, twitter, facebook, etc. all at once. This can help you interact with your follows all at once.

At the University of Delaware I plan to get my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences. With this degree I have the ability to go to pharmacy graduate school, to become a pharmacist. I also plan to do many internships after graduation too to gain so pharmacy experiences. After graduate school our be able to do my dream career.

Week 2

Diigo is great program that you can use to interact with other workers at your job.  By using diigo it can help you and your fellow co-workers get a project done sooner.  In the workforce diigo can be used as a way to communicate with others to get task done.  Diigo you can bookmark resources and share them with others.  With diigo employees can help each other more quickly to get things done.

Social networks are great tool to use in the workforce. Remember employers can see your social network page so don’t put anything on their that you wouldn’t want an employer to see when you are looking for a job.  Social networks can be use to show your strengths and skills to impress your employer.

This may sound crazy but social networks such as diigo and twitter can be used in the professional world and not just your personal life.  Pharmacies are starting to use twitter to help out consumers. Probably wondering “Why in the world would I want my pharmacy on twitter?.  Believe it or not by having a pharmacy on twitter, pharmacists will have the ability to interact with consumers.  It is one way a pharmacy can know their consumers more, and see what people think about their products.  By getting to know the consumers more it is another way that a pharmacy can keep up with completion with the huge pharmacy companies such as CVS and Rite Aid.  Below is a link to the article if you want to know more about it.  https://www.pbahealth.com/pba-article-view.aspx?article_id=178 

Week 1

Creating a positive professional online presence is valuable for future job search. Most employees will look up your social networks when you apply for a job. Since employees are going to look for you through social networks anyway, why don’t make your social network positive. By putting your skills and work ethics on a online presence, employers can see that you are dedicated person, and a hard working person. An online professional online presence can provide employers with great things that they did know about you. The best thing about a professional online presence, it sets you separate from other who are applying for the same job description. When applying for a job you want to stick out and be noticeable so that an employer can remember you. On a website called makeuseof.com a writer name Aaron Couch said in his article that by have an online presence is almost essential for applying for jobs know, and by having one will really impress the employer, whom is considering to hire your. This is why I believe that creating a positive professional online presence will help everyone in the future.