Creating a positive professional online presence is valuable for future job search. Most employees will look up your social networks when you apply for a job. Since employees are going to look for you through social networks anyway, why don’t make your social network positive. By putting your skills and work ethics on a online presence, employers can see that you are dedicated person, and a hard working person. An online professional online presence can provide employers with great things that they did know about you. The best thing about a professional online presence, it sets you separate from other who are applying for the same job description. When applying for a job you want to stick out and be noticeable so that an employer can remember you. On a website called a writer name Aaron Couch said in his article that by have an online presence is almost essential for applying for jobs know, and by having one will really impress the employer, whom is considering to hire your. This is why I believe that creating a positive professional online presence will help everyone in the future.