Digg reader and Feedly are two great internet sites to search for feeds. Theses two sites are also connected to RSS which gets people the ability to give you feed back on your post. Digg reader and Feedly also give you the ability to look at others people’s feeds and comment on their post. Another great thing about the site is the ability to add content for your follows to read. Hoot Suite is another aggreatation that you can use to see all your social networks at once. This website helps you be able to see your wordpress, twitter, facebook, etc. all at once. This can help you interact with your follows all at once.

At the University of Delaware I plan to get my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences. With this degree I have the ability to go to pharmacy graduate school, to become a pharmacist. I also plan to do many internships after graduation too to gain so pharmacy experiences. After graduate school our be able to do my dream career.