Overall this semester I learn a lot new things about computers. I learned that not all tools are the internet are useless, some even can be use for the professional work place like Digg, Prezi, and Evernote. My view on social media has changed since I started taking this course, before I thought that social networks can’t be use professionally, but I learned that I can use Twitter and Facebook professionally and show them to employers to prove that I am a responsible adult. I also believe that college is more of a life-training than job training. College prepares everyone for the real world and how life is like for an adult. College also teaches us not to rely on parents, thinking on our own, and being responsible. In college you also learn about ethics which is an important thing to know before you enter the work force. Overall college not only prepares us for the work force but also for life. Below is a link of my Prezi describing what I learned though out the course.